June 7

By Alex Trainen

Continuing to follow the events in Ukraine, it is interesting to find out how the residents of those regions of Russia, that are not directly in the thick of things, such as the border areas, as well as in the capital and large western cities, which feels the economic restructuring as a result of imposed sanctions against Russia.
On the Internet, in the media environment of one of the regions in the East of Russia, among the public figures, who expressed their opinion, are representatives of the Armenian Diaspora in the Magadan region. In their opinion, the ongoing events have led to a powerful rallying of Russians, regardless of nationality.

Rafael Barseghyan, elder of the Armenian Diaspora:

“Even if you are a Tatar, an Armenian, a Buryat, a Georgian, we are Russians for everyone, wherever you go abroad. I was in Japan, for example, and when I was introduced to the locals, they said “Russian”. I say: Listen, I’m Armenian. And I myself think: Of course, Russian! Russian Armenian. If you asked me now, I would not think for a second.
The fact is that all propaganda is being carried out against the Russians – the nation that forms our country, has been carried out by the enemy for a long time, and I think so: no matter what nationality we are, we must say: yes, we are Russians! If we are talking about how to protect the country, the Russian people from this scourge, from the Nazis, from Western provocateurs. Purposefully going against Russia, they go against us!
Yes, I am Russian! And I, an Armenian, am not ashamed to say this, it is pride! I protect my country! You know, I am 68 years old and I lived in Russia for 51 of them, although I support the Armenian language and traditions by blood. My children and grandchildren were born and live here, in Kolyma. This is my homeland”.

Edward Khchoyan, head of the Armenian Diaspora in Kolyma:

“I once lived in the Kherson region. It is very painful to watch the news, to understand that people are dying – both soldiers and civilians. Military actions are always pain, tragedy, human grief. We, the members of the Armenian diaspora, are ready to maintain friendly, warm relations with all fellow countrymen, compatriots, no matter what blood and family they are. After all, there is no such concept that defines the essence of a person as nationality, we should not look at it. Regarding what is happening: since 2014, and to this day, my heart shrinks every time I hear about how civilians are being bullied. When about 50 people were burned alive in Odessa, in the House of Trade Unions, when now they are firing upon the “green corridors”, bombing residential sectors, hospitals, children’s institutions – they are dusting everything alive on the way.
The Bandera people, who have always hated the Soviet people, are just a group of Nazis, who are constantly teasing us, provoking us, the main part are ordinary residents of Ukraine who want peace. We endured for so many years, but it was simply impossible to continue. It’s time to put an end to this.”