January 25

By Dareh Gregorian and Sally Bronston

President Joe Biden was caught on camera Monday cursing about Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

“What a stupid son of a bitch,” Biden said as reporters, including Doocy, were being ushered out of a room after he made remarks about inflation. Biden spoke quietly, but the insult was caught on his microphone, which was still on.

The remark came after reporters shouted questions about Ukraine. Biden was taking questions about his call Monday with European leaders but complained that he doesn’t like taking questions because reporters “never report on why I called the meeting.”

“This is very important,” he said.

Doocy, who’s known for having sometimes testy exchanges with White House press secretary Jen Psaki, then asked Biden whether he’d take a question about inflation and asked whether he thought the issue is a political liability ahead of the midterm elections.

Biden turned slightly toward the person sitting next to him and said: “No, that’s a great asset — more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.”

A representative for Fox News didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Doocy laughed off the comment in an appearance on the network a short time later.

“Nobody has fact-checked him yet and said it’s not true,” he said.

Doocy, the son of “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy, has a history of exasperating Biden. In August, Biden exaggeratedly hung his head while Doocy was asking him about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In November, Biden snapped at Doocy when he asked him whether the administration was providing incentives for illegal immigration by discussing large financial settlements with victims of the Trump administration’s family separation policy. “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. But it’s not true,” Biden replied.

The exasperation preceded Biden’s presidency. Doocy would often ask Biden about his son Hunter Biden’s personal and business dealings during the 2020 campaign, clearly annoying him. In one instance, Doocy asked Biden whether his son had fathered a child in Arkansas. “Only you would ask that,” Biden snapped back, adding sarcastically: “You’re a good man. Classy.”

On another occasion, Doocy asked Biden who his running mate was going to be. “You,” Biden replied.

Biden has famously been caught on a hot mic before. In 2010, he was overheard telling President Barack Obama that the health care bill he was about to sign was a “big f—— deal.