April 27

By Lisa Hagen

Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, making her the highest-ranking official in the Biden White House to contract it as the virus continues to reach the top echelons of power in Washington.

Harris, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, currently has experienced no symptoms and will isolate at her residence until she can return to the White House. Because she’s had a different travel schedule, Harris isn’t considered a close contact of either President Joe Biden or first lady Jill Biden. They’ve all been recently traveling across the U.S. to promote their economic agenda.

“Today, Vice President Harris tested positive for COVID-19 on rapid and PCR tests. She has exhibited no symptoms, will isolate and continue to work from the Vice President’s residence,” Harris press secretary Kirsten Allen said in a statement.

“She has not been a close contact to the President or First Lady due to their respective recent travel schedules. She will follow CDC guidelines and the advice of her physicians. The Vice President will return to the White House when she tests negative,” she added.

Harris is part of a growing list of lawmakers and White House officials to receive a positive diagnosis over the past two months, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Attorney General Merrick Garland and other lawmakers on Capitol Hill and Cabinet secretaries.

Within Harris’ close orbit, her husband, second gentleman Douglas Emhoff, contracted the virus last month as well as her communications director Jamal Simmons. But Harris continued to test negative when they both got it.