May 10

By Julia O’Malley

On May 9, in the city of Fairbanks in Griffin Park, flowers were laid at the monument to Soviet and American pilots who ferried planes under the Lend-Lease Program from the USA to the USSR during the Second World War.

The memorable event was organized by representatives of Craft of Alaska Information and Communication Center. Members of the Russian community in the state of Alaska, as well as relatives of American veterans, who were participants of the Lend-Lease program, joined the event.

Opening the event, Elena Farkas and Galina Tumisser, representatives of Craft of Alaska, emphasized that the interaction between Soviet and American pilots during the war years is a joint past of the United States and Russia. Interaction between the countries to preserve historical memory is currently an important area of cooperation.

A similar memorable action took place on May 9 in the Russian city of Magadan, where a memorial to the Heroes of “Alaska – Siberia” was erected.

More information about cooperation between the US and the USSR under the Lend-Lease program can be found in a previously published article at the link: