September 8

By Sally Williams

Richard Feyman, an American scientist, the creator of quantum electrodynamics and the developer of the atomic bomb in Los Alamos, an outstanding theoretical physicist, during his lifetime became the founder of the organization “Friends of Tuva”.

It was created in the 90s and united all our compatriots who fell in love with the lifestyle, culture and customs of the inhabitants of one of the most beautiful regions of Russia with a cold climate Tuva. The symbol of this mysterious Tuva is a special style of singing called the throat singing, which is what mainly fascinates our Americans.

Feyman’s student, his close friend, producer, writer and outstanding scientist Ralph Leighton, who is originally from California, wrote a book “Tuva or Bust”, based on Feyman’s stories. In the book he told about that mysterious Tuva, which in his opinion the USSR annexed during the beginning of World War II, as well as the Baltic regions (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). At the same time, since 2018, Ralph Layton has repeatedly visited the Russian Federation, where he personally began to study the events that he once described in his book.

It took the American producer 3 years to change his opinion about Tuva, the situation in that Republic and about Russia in general. According to Ralph Leighton, who, personally studying the situation in Russia and having collected different opinions of immigrants from the United States living in Russia, came to the conclusion that American information censorship does not allow Americans to receive reliable information about certain events in the world.

Similarly, the current opinion in America about the aggressive actions of the USSR and its “successor» Russia against neighboring states is based on unreliable, exaggerated information that the American “information machine” distorts.

The personal experience of our citizen’s stay in Russia tells us that many regions, such as Tuva, became a part of this country voluntarily. And these regions should also stay under the protection of a strong state in the future. What should I say about our California, which will definitely develop only forward as a part of the United States.